Have the Kind of Training That You
Actually Implement Once Class is Dismissed.

Training and development is key, it’s why businesses spent 90.6 billion in 2017 (yes, you read that right). Yet, 80% of employees are not engaged at work and 70-85% of what we learn we forget within 24 hours.


We will forget 70-85% within 24 hours

What’s missing? A few things, but most organizations don’t have a good understanding how their people learn. We learn when 3 things are in place: our attention, the opportunity to practice and/or repetition, and receiving feedback on how we are doing. Often trainings will give you the what you need to do, but not how you can implement it once the training is over. My job is to include that part in the training itself. To provide that last crucial piece of the puzzle. So you know what to do and how to do it.

Another piece is that the skills needed for successful leadership are vastly vacant from trainings. Leadership is knowing what people need to perform, what type of environment is needed to thrive, what group norms and processes allow individuals to contribute and engage. All while having the ability to navigate personalities and developing relationships so the team wants to collaborate alongside with you. Leadership is all about setting people up so they can be their best, those are the skills that move you, your team, and your organization forward.

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  • Working with Difficult People: the Neuroscience Behind Getting Along

  • Connections that Last: How to Build a Loyal Team in the Job-Hop Era

  • Growth Mindset: How to Start with You and Scale

  • CYO: Create Your Own…Have a topic that you are challenged with? We can discuss that too!

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