Want to Lead Others to be Their Best, Have the Impact
You Want, & Success in Your Life Because of It?

It’s time to invest your resources into what matters.


Many coaches are moving away from 1-1 model and going to the 1-many model. It makes sense in some regards I suppose: increased impact, revenue and a way to leverage time.

For me, 1-1 is my favorite part of being a coach. I experienced the most progress through focused, individual time with my coach, and that’s what I want for my clients. Coaching is unique, everything is about you. Since every person is different: different dreams, triggers, ways of problem solving, fears, beliefs, visions, goals, and so on, 1-1 coaching tends to your specific dreams and needs.

At some point we realize Marshall Goldsmith’s words are very true: “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.” It’s time to close your skill gaps to see what is getting in the way for the next step in your career or business.

(*If you are interested in involving your direct reports, team members, or your organization, please reference that in the form.)