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If you are struggling in some areas of retaining talent on your team, of being effective, of validating your ideas, experiencing overwhelm, or wondering if you know the best way...then it's time to stop trying to figure it out on your own. 


The best part about our strategy session is it's super powerful...

  • Provides you clarity for what you want and to see the path to MAKE IT HAPPEN

  • Addresses some of the obstacles that have held you up, and if it feels right...

  • If I can help further, we can discuss that, what working together could look like...if not, I always point you towards a better resource. You will still leave the conversation very clear and excited on your next steps!

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Here's What Some of My Clients Have
Experienced through working with me:



"Working with Karyn has helped me advocate for myself in a more visible manner than I have in the past. My value and worth are being recognized and rewarded now, and this has occurred in a rapidly accelerated fashion than it had been previously. 
After the first couple sessions with Karyn, I felt amazing. I had clarity, focus, and a tangible plan to start taking strides towards my goals. With Karyn, I felt an instant connection. Her authenticity and down to earth sensibility was a match for me and how I like to be coached." - Greg McLeod



“Karyn has done an incredible job of leading me in the right direction when it comes to leadership. She has constantly challenged me, but with a watchful eye to make sure I grow as a leader. I learn something new every day, and don’t feel like anything is currently “missing” from my development. I think she knows how much I can handle and pushes it perfectly.” - Thomas Sawyer

Darla Blackmore:

"Through coaching with Karyn, I have accomplished some big goals. I have also learned about myself and have an increased motivation to keep improving. I gained a deeper understanding of what drives me, of when I am most productive, and to allow more flexibility with myself and others." 



"Karyn's power as a coach comes from her deep and focused listening and acceptance of the client at all times. She combines simple, powerful questioning and encourages the client to expand their awareness in multiple domains: emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual." Katherine Lee

Real mail from clients is always a treat! 
Thank you for taking the time Michelle DelVecchio!

 And who doesn't love REAL mail!! From:  Michelle DelVecchio

I felt amazing. I had clarity, focus, and a tangible plan to start taking strides towards my goals.
— Greg McLeod
Her easy going style and guidance was what I needed to get through and achieve my goals.
— Darla Blackmore



"Karyn has a keen, patient ear and an ability to clear the path to key issues. She has a light but simultaneously challenging (in a great way!), coaching style. I experienced both clarity and motivation as a result of each of our sessions. Karyn's willingness to share her own coaching experiences was valuable." Catherine Maxwell-Palmer

I've been in your shoes... 


Leading a team is not for the faint of heart, leadership requires constantly serving and attending to the team's and the individual's growth and development. Here are some experiences from people I've led:





“Karyn Chylewski is a consummate professional.  A born leader, she embraces any opportunity to assemble and manage a team, and she does so with highly productive results. Karyn has an uncanny ability to navigate the often tenuous relationship between management and staff; developing leaders within her team and improving morale as well as productivity.”  - Shari Young


misty pdf.jpg

"Working with Karyn has been one of my favorite job experiences. I’ve never worked with someone that listens to their employees as much as she does. She believes in growth within the company and made sure our ideas and concerns were heard.

I’ve learned that having a great team comes from leadership within. Being a great team means communicating on a daily basis about concerns we have, including good things that happened during the day. Karyn always checked with us to see if we were doing good, but also if we weren’t. It’s important to work for someone that cares about you as an employee but also as a person. You love your job even more when you love the people you work with and I’m happy to say that...I love my job!" - Misty Medrano


kristen 7.jpg


"Karyn was not just my manager, she was also my mentor. She helped me have more confidence in my leadership abilities. Karyn helped me hone my communication skills to be an effective leader for my team. Knowing how to communicate and relate to your team members really makes you an effective leader and someone that people respect." - Kristen Worcester




“A ship in the harbor is safe...but that’s not what ships were meant for.”
— John Shedd