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Welcome! I’m Karyn Chylewski.
I coach business leaders & entrepreneurs to orchestrate cohesive, high-performing teams.
After that, everything else falls into place.

  The adorable yellow lab is Ruger

At some point, we all either hit a formidable obstacle, find ourselves in unchartered professional territory, or stuck on a plateau we can't overcome. We realize Marshall Goldsmith words "What got you here won't get you there" suddenly ring true. By taking a new approach, by coaching our brain to think differently, we begin to look at these problems in new ways. 

And that's exciting. Because we find hope in our "A-ha!" moments. Suddenly, we find ourselves feeling back in control, back in the game, a second (albeit, sometimes 3rd or 4th) wind of determined enthusiasm. 

Although no two brains are alike, people (thankfully!) are people. We all have the same needs in order to perform, to collaborate, and when gotten right, this unleashes success never known to you and your team. Plus, leadership does not have to be exhausting. Alleviate your frustrations of managing people by understanding how this works, what group norms are essential, & how you to win together by working better together.


We’ll talk more about me & my thoughts in a minute, first let’s see what has brought you by…

  • Your goal is to do well for the business by making sure your team is taken care of so you all can collaborate and contribute. You’re concerned because the actions, or lack thereof, of company leadership make that difficult.

  • You have found yourself in unchartered professional territory, some guidance and validation would be nice.

  • You have always done well, always achieved the personal and professional milestones you set your gaze on. Lately, it’s not as easy as it once was and you haven’t been able to put your finger on it.

  • Since they can’t read minds, it's easier when you think for your team rather than finding the patience to teach them. You know you are giving them the fish, but sometimes that’s all the energy you can spare.

  • You worry that they don't see the big picture. They can’t take initiative on what they don’t see, you wonder how to bridge that gap for them.

  • You want them to be engaged, you want them to contribute their gifts, you're just not sure the best way to go about it.

Just know this: Leadership comes from the heart and often what works is not on the training schedule. You are on your own to navigate and juggle everyone's different personalities, how to build trust, how to inspire and influence your team, how to teach adults with different learning styles, all while motivating the masses. At some point, we all get stuck.


What gets us stuck in the mud?

There was a story on NPR. During an interview, a guest commented: "It's not like it's rocket science."

This piqued the interest of the reporter, he wanted to know what rocket scientists say when they are working on something that is challenging for them (since it actually is rocket science). The rocket scientists came back with “At least it’s not brain surgery”.  Still curious, he went over to Johns Hopkins, told the story to brain surgeons and asked them the same thing. Their response? "At least it's not nuclear physics." So, you guessed it. He went to wherever it is that nuclear physicists hang out and posed the same query. After pondering for a moment, the nuclear physicists replied with relief “At least it’s not social science.”

That’s what managing people is…the science and understanding our social cues, behaviors, and formulas to influence results.


None of them want your job.


"Karyn’s authenticity and down to earth sensibility was a match
for me and how I like to be coached." Greg McLeod


That’s where I can help.

Leading groups of humans successfully is not for the faint of heart. We are a predictable yet unpredictable breed, we are willing to trust but not at first (especially in the workplace), we try to poke holes before we accept and embrace. How is a leader to know what makes each one of his/her team tick since leadership is not a one size fits all solution?

My favorite part…

I had been leading lovable yet disconnected teams into becoming successful, high performing, strong tribes of confident leaders for many years. When the time came that I needed to sit and think about where my enjoyment truly came from, it was pretty clear. My joy came when that tentative but very capable employee realized those capabilities and began to trust themselves. By putting them in challenging yet supported situations, they became confident in their own decision making, actions, and skills. Each success and failure was used to evaluate their learning and leadership development. Once they hit their stride, they had the confidence to help their co-workers experience the same. It was a joy to see them teach one another, lift up one other…everyone would build off one another’s momentum. The next thing you knew...we were an unstoppable, bulldozing team.

We were working better together.

As people saw that by working better together we could do so much more, (and, it was way more fun), when challenges did arise we were a much stronger team ready to dig in as necessary. We spend a lot (a lot!) of time with our colleagues, there is no reason we can't have a decent time while we do it. When I looked closely at my work, I realized this development, this transformation, this professional, and then personal, camaraderie was my favorite part.

Through our work together, I became more confident, more relaxed, and less worried when it came to leading my team.” Ariana Mangum

Ariana copy.png

How did I get here? Well, there came a time…

Eventually, there came a point after experiencing my corporate acquisition where I began to put together a realization. The company had changed from what we once were. And that can be ok, but it was more than that. Priorities and values weren’t the same after the acquisition. The mission was in words only, the actual work environment being cultivated pointed only to failure. It was a completely different leadership philosophy that was now at the helm. I held onto hope that they would re-right the ship for quite some time, until it became very clear that was not part of their plan. Those were the facts.

And then something else in me shifted. I saw a need that matched my desire. I had worked in a positive, uplifting, enjoyable, innovative, resulting in incredible success type environment once before…that told me it did and could exist. I knew there were more places having these same struggles, and I wanted to help…to build better workplaces for the success and fulfillment we all want. I wanted something more, different, new, challenging.

After some long overdue re-righting of the ship, I proudly shook their hands and turned in my resignation. It was time to go do this more, go help other leaders get it right.

But not so fast…first, what did I do?

The funny thing is, after the acquisition I went through where my utopia work environment seemingly changed overnight, less than a year later the entire C-suite that acquired us was replaced. 

The board and new CFO came to me to discuss how to improve our failing culture, they wanted to assure me that what I had experienced was no longer “business as usual”. It bought me some time. I figured I had enough in me to at least exit strategically.

And so it began…

After hiring a coach myself (I had to see if this stuff worked!), I enrolled in the NeuroLeadership Institute in their 6 month Brain-Based Coaching program that teaches how to leverage our brain to elicit behavior change, results, and personal development. I started practicing coaching for free with friends, kids of friends, classmates, and colleagues of classmates. The first time I charged someone I almost couldn’t do it. He practically had to force me to accept payment…I wasn’t sure I was good enough to go “pro”. But he believed in me more than I did. And that’s what we all need sometimes. The validation was welcomed and that first PayPal…well, I was hooked.

But even with the hot mess that was my job, was I really about to jump off the ladder I’d been climbing? And jump…into what? I wasn’t entirely sure. What I did know was that I loved the idea of impacting workplaces for the best, loved the idea of taking a big leap in my life, and if I was going to make a move, it was time.

Now, I chuckle. I laugh because I get to do what I love all the time. It’s who I am. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

I get to work with you to unleash possibilities and potential you were worried had escaped you. To up your game by overcoming the learning that we all at one time face. And in doing so, you experience success for yourself while you create workplaces grounded in respect, integrity, and belief in the company’s work. It’s my biggest thrill.

You get to do what you love, in a place you love, with people you have come to love.

The hidden secret? Everything else falls into place: the numbers, reports, KPI’s and NPS scores all go in the right direction. That’s the best kept secret about your leadership coaching and development. Not only is it a lifelong career skill to move you forward, a rewarding way to approach leading your team, it also gets the job done.

It’s good business.