Want to Build a Team of Leaders Who Take
Ownership of Their Work?

You’ve Come To The Right Place.

Welcome! I’m Karyn Danielle Chylewski...I coach business leaders
on how to orchestrate cohesive, self-sufficient teams so your
business can be successful and profitable.

  The adorable yellow lab is Ruger

Saying that couldn't make me more proud. I thrive on people becoming their best selves and I believe it is part of a business' responsibility to cultivate an environment that elicits that. 

But first...let's see what has brought you by.


Been here lately?

  • You want to empower your team but you are worried what will happen...can you trust them to handle the responsibility?

  • It's easier to think and decide for your team rather than letting them make the call, over time you realize, they have become quite dependent on you for this.

  • You worry that they don't see the big picture. That they don't see the consequences when they don't execute, they don't see what's next, and that you are the only one who does.

  • You want them to be engaged, you want them to contribute their gifts, you're just not sure the best way to go about it.

Just know this: none of it is your fault. We have so much on our plates, our energy goes to our priorities. To get what needs to get done...done. That comes with the additional pressure that we want to protect our work. So yes, while we want to delegate, while we want to give responsibility, we must have a certain amount of assuredness that quality will be returned…it is our name is attached to the work! Which leads to conflicting emotions for us. Being able to motivate the team in a way that produces results, provide boundaries to influence decisions, and to cultivate a safe environment where opinions and thoughts can be shared is crucial here.

Leadership roles are often handed out to top performers, those who have mastered their area of expertise. But job performance and leadership are two different beasts. Leadership comes from the heart and often what works is not on the training schedule. You are on your own to navigate and juggle everyone's different personalities, how to build trust, how to inspire and influence your team, how to teach adults with different learning styles, all while motivating the masses. 

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What gets us stuck in the mud?

Well, you have a lot of cogs in the wheel, one of those cogs is humans.

There was a story on NPR. During an interview, a guest commented: "It's not like it's rocket science." This piqued the interest of the reporter, he wanted to know what rocket scientists say when they are working on something that is challenging for them (since it already actually is rocket science). The rocket scientists came back with “At least it’s not brain surgery”.  Still curious, he went over to Johns Hopkins, told the story to brain surgeons and asked them the same thing. Their response? "At least it's not nuclear physics." So, you guessed it. He went to wherever it is that nuclear physicists hang out and posed the same query. After pondering for a moment, the nuclear physicists replied with relief “At least it’s not social science.”

Rocket scientists don't want your job.


"Her authenticity and down to earth sensibility was a match
for me and how I like to be coached." Greg McLeod



Leading groups of humans successfully is not for the faint of heart. We are a predictable yet unpredictable breed, we are willing to trust but not at first (especially in the workplace), we try to poke holes before we accept and embrace. How is a leader to know what makes each one of his/her team tick since leadership is not a one size fits all solution?


I had been leading passionate yet disconnected teams into becoming successful, high performing, strong tribes of everyday leaders for the past two decades. My true enjoyment came when a seemingly not-so-confident employee discovered their greatness, they became confident in their own decision making, actions, and knowledge. This would happen simultaneously as each person hit their stride, each one lifting up the other, building off their momentum. The next thing you knew...we were an unstoppable, bulldozing team.

We were working better together.

People saw that by working better together we could do so much more. And, it was way more fun. We spend a lot (a lot!) of time with our colleagues, there is no reason we can't have a decent time while we do it. When I looked closely at my work, I realized this development, this transformation, was my favorite part.

Through our work together, I became more confident, more relaxed, and less worried when it came to leading my team.” Ariana Mangum

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There came a time…

Eventually, there came a point in my career where I began to feel the pressure. And then the anxiety. You know, it's Sunday afternoon and you are already dreading Monday morning. Or, when you are at work and something that is completely your responsibility comes forth and it makes you sick to your stomach that you have to 'deal with it'. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. No fanfare, no huge declaration. I just realized things had shifted for me. I wanted something more, different, new, challenging.

Once I lost any enjoyment in the work itself dread was constant. As much as I tried to push on and remind myself that I worked with great people, worked in a great industry, was making a decent buck and on a solid path up the ladder...I still hated it. The company had changed and even so, the bulk of the work was no longer rewarding. Those were the facts.

One day while I was in the midst of feeling this way in early December 2016, I was trolling around our new corporate offices after just going through the wonders of a corporate acquisition, when I overheard my two big bosses speaking in one of the conference rooms. Being a few weeks before Christmas, what I happened to hear (thank you Universe) stopped me dead in my tracks:

Big Boss: "Well, you had better celebrate Christmas with your family this weekend, it's going to be way too busy to do so the actual week of Christmas. You will be working way too much."
My BossStunned silence (I still think I heard a small whimper, but I'm not 100% certain).

I froze as I felt a surge of energy jolt right through me. There it was, the ultimatum, just not spoken to me…yet.

As the words hit home, I experienced that moment in time when you know things will no longer be able to continue as is. I began to get really strategic on my exit. It was time to take the part of the work I loved to do and focus on doing that, doing it better, and doing it all the time.

What did I do?

After hiring a coach myself (I had to see if this stuff worked!), I went to the NeuroLeadership Institute in their almost 6 month Brain-Based Coaching program that teaches us how to leverage neuroscience to elicit behavior change and personal development. Leadership coaching is the same as the coach you think of in football, boxing, or any other sport. Coaches help bring out what’s best in you by questioning thoughtfully, stretching your abilities, and breaking through fears and obstacles. And just like the boxer in the ring, you and I are in it together. You are doing the work, as your coach I can see from a slightly different perspective, and together, that helps you to get you to where you see is success.

   Karyn OUT!

It took a full 18 months after overhearing that conversation before I was comfortable to take that leap.

I was scared.

Scared to push myself, scared to bet on myself, scared to take my future into my own hands. I finally developed my own inner-warrior. I did what it takes, I learned some new skills, got better. Then, I was able to trust myself, to bet on myself. To take that leap.

And that is what life is about. Being in the driver’s seat of your own life. Taking control, taking a shot. Even if you aren’t successful, the doing…the trying…the risk, is enough. And having the rock solid, unshakable belief that success is yours.

You ready?