It's 2018...What's Your First Move?

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts
— Winston Churchill

Whether your business faired well or took a few on the chin over the holiday weeks, Mr. Churchill is reminding us it’s all about what your next move is. Neither the victories nor the defeats (aka the outcomes) last very long, or matter as much as your responses to them. You need to tip the scale in your favor every chance you get, right now is the time to be bathing in the glory of your successes and to eliminate any repeat of the pain. 

Step one of your holiday hangover? Assess, followed by acknowledge, and finally action. 

Assess: reflect, go through the recent time, pause and think. 



  • What were your successes? Build on those and keep stretching your vision.
  • What can you build off those wins? 
  • What does the success tell you? 
  • Who surprised you with how they handled themselves and/or a situation? 
  • Did you acknowledge that with them?
  • What did your team do well and how can you leverage that for innovation? 


Ask the same with failures. Figure out how to make those processes right. Either by elimination, adjustments, or retooling. But definitely air it out and do not be lulled into complacency. For many businesses, January starts like a slow, tired, drag…an excellent time to spend time in 1-1 conversations and team briefings. Acknowledging the recent victories and and the defeats allows you to take what serves you best from them and leave behind the rest.

Action based on learnings through business sprints is what will keep your team challenged, engaged, and ultimately wanting to stick around. Playing chess is way more fun than being the pawn.