leadership depth

6 months ago, was September 6th. 

Since September 6th, we’ve seen not only the holiday season come and go (and 30 degrees), we’ve cloned something (Barbara Streisand’s dog apparently?), there’s been SpaceX launches, www.thehumanitystar.com, and I think we found or lost a planet too.

That’s a lot in 2 Quarters.

Sometimes, a lot can happen in a little.

Is your team strong enough to face challenges and execute when change hits at full tilt? 
If you cannot answer whole-heartedly and with certainty, if the thought hits a nerve…then, it’s time to secure depth amongst your leadership.

Taking time to ensure leadership depth is being cultivated is not only good for long term health, but it resists the short term insanity that surfaces when big change happens. Typically, leadership structure includes one *key leader* from each area, but this minimalist approach isn’t enough when massive change hits…it’s like securing a wall with a bunch of push pins. 

Develop a strong nucleus for each area (department).

  • 2-3 key players that you are dedicated to developing 
  • And they should have 2-3 that they are developing (this is how you keep the well from drying up!). 

Not sure how to begin? There are a few people that will be obvious choices but to achieve depth, start looking at your team with a different lens. Think of who you would rely on if your first choice (or two) was gone…and begin actively cultivating them. 

Then, when your company’s version of a game changer happens, you will feel it, but you will also have a much better chance of holding your own. Or better yet, you may even capitalize on the game changer.