How to find the courage to do what you must.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt

I remember a time I was on a Youth Group skiing trip, being a novice skier, I was definitely there for the camaraderie. After a great day, my best friend and I did the classic ‘one more run’. Lost, we suddenly found ourselves staring straight down a black diamond to the parking lot we needed to get to (where did the easy blue go?). 

Straight down. Hmmm. 

Sometimes life sneaks up on you that way and all of a sudden, you realize you’re on the black diamond instead of the blue. Sometimes, suddenly, you’re in a situation of ‘must do’. Do you freeze? That could be limbo for a long time, and since I was at the top and there was no other option, I may freeze…but it would be to death! No, I knew what it meant. Take what you know, and multiply it, like…immediately. I knew how to carve, this situation just required me to carve really well


You’ve done it on a smaller scale, you just haven’t had to rely on yourself to this degree yet. Sometimes life doesn’t wait until you feel ready (thankfully!). Marathoners don’t practice by running marathons, the day the race comes, they dig deep and do what they know…multiplied. 

Also, manage your memories better. There are definitely other times when life did not allow you to prepare, and you handled it! You didn’t take your first steps in this world by waiting for confidence. Believe in yourself first, and remember Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you can’t…you’re right.”

Then take the kind of action required, results will come…more than you ever thought possible, and the best part? That refuels your belief. It becomes one of those times in your memories under ‘I didn’t think I could, but then I did, and you know what? It wasn’t that bad’. Start filling that bucket.

We are waiting for you, lead the way.



“Concentration comes out from a combination of hunger and confidence.”
— Arnold Palmer

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