Coaching is coaching. Why do we seek coaching? To level up, to excel at your craft, to shorten the learning curve, to provide prospective, to cultivate personal get you to a place of knowledge and high performance faster. A coach is there to be a trusted advisor. Coaches hold you accountable, there is an expectation of action, commitment, follow thru, discipline, and perseverance that coaches have a way of pulling out of people. It comes from the desire to see each person's best self shine through. 

How do you determine the right coach for you?

For any relationship to thrive, there must be chemistry, trust, mutual admiration, and some fun.

Nothing important is easy. 

There will be frustrations, bumps in the road, do-overs and the like…and having a coach that you look forward to talking to is imperative to tap into success together. 

Does their story resonate with you?

Read their blog or their website, wherever they share their perspective on their area of brilliance which is your area of improvement. If what is being expressed through these channels resonates with how you think and feel, chances are it will be a really great match. 

Once you have determined that their point of view resonates, does their professional resume and experience in life speak to you?  Have they helped others in similar situations you find yourself in? Have they done things you would like to be doing, achieved the kind of success you would like? Is their approach in integrity with yours?  If so, then the potential is likely that they can help you too. 

To Credential or not to Credential…

As you may have guessed, my personal take on this is one that bucks the system. I do not at all believe a credential is the Holy Grail to a great coach, it is not necessary. I think of it as a nice compliment to a body of work if the coach chooses that route. That being said…I hold an ACC level accreditation with the ICF, it’s something I wanted to attain. I also believe strongly in the continued training and development of my skills...that is imperative in serving my clients best. I spend thousands of dollars on my own personal development and training every year, I love the learning, and delighted I get to share that with my clients.

Credentialing comes up because becoming a coach actually has a pretty low barrier to entry. If I want to be a coach, well…I really just have to proclaim myself as one. Obviously, these coaches will get weeded out along the way but they can definitely do some damage to the industry's professional reputation. That being said, some of the best coaches in the world are not credentialed (Tony Robbins is the one that immediately comes to mind). It is up to you to determine how important this piece is when choosing your coach.

Pulling the trigger...

LEAP. You’ll grow your wings

on the way down.

— Les Brown

At some point, you have to stand tall and make the decision to invest in yourself. You can keep dancing around the debate whether it's worth the money, will you get the results you expect, will it make a difference. Ultimately, while you are debating...other people are taking action, and you are going to simply stay stuck.

Business rewards the decisive. There comes a time when you will become sick of spinning your wheels, you'll be tired of going it alone and the long learning curve. I know, I've been through the same mental volley of whether or not to hire a coach. 

The truth is, times are different. Coaching is a smart investment.

A few of my favorite reasons why:

  • Logistics: there is no need to shut down your business or travel shut your door and hop on a call. Coaching in the 21st century is incredibly efficient, especially wonderful when we are all trying to maximize our time.

  • 100% Customizable to You: Your coach is your coach. How much more effective and intimate can you get? Coaching is all about YOU. Your goals, your aspirations, your personal obstacles, your strengths and skill gaps. How many training workshops provide that level of intimacy? Workshops are great, but studies show we implement only between 10-30% of what we learn in that setting. Why? Change is hard, therefore, we must be held accountable while creating actionable plans to propel change.

  • Talking Shop: how often do you get to share what is constantly running around in your head and talk it out? As a leader, not often. Having this opportunity provides so many benefits: mental clarity, perspective, reflection...leading to better, clearer action. It’s one of the things my clients appreciate most, having me as a sounding board.

I personally have found that you are more apt to face your fears when you have someone in your corner. Your decisions and actions can and will shape that future, that's what coaching helps us to remember.

Life is not your dress rehearsal, we are live!


Curious About Coaching?

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“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”
— Helen Keller