The Problem With Free (& Why the Internet is Failing You)

The Problem With Free (& Why the Internet is Failing You)

A friend said a comment that piqued my interest this weekend, "We are drowning in information, but thirsting for wisdom."

I know the feeling, I think we all can relate. 

People in leadership roles want to do a good job, do right by our team, ourselves, and our business. So, we turn to a popular fix:
We hop online, and drown ourselves in the never-ending amount of surface information out there on how to reduce turnover, how to increase employee engagement, how to...

It's a very well designed trap that we easily fall into. 

Here's what happens with free information and tidbits:

  • You spend hours sleuthing online to end up feeling overwhelmed, and sometimes worse...incompetent, so you walk away with nothing

  • The information is just the tip of the iceberg, implementation is a whole different piece

  • It's not personalized, so when challenges come up, it's easy to ignore

  • It's free, so there's no real initiative for you to take action, it just gets filed away

  • There's no accountability, and taking action is hard without support through it all

To make real progress, the key is counterintuitive...ignore all that stuff. It's wasted time and energy.

What to do Instead:

Focus your precious time on what will get you what you want. If it's better performance this year, career advancement, less stress around your job and energy at the end of your day, then that's where you invest your resources. 

That's why I'm introducing all of you to my first group program, Lead Better Now. When you align yourself with colleagues who are experiencing the same issues, people who can listen and offer perspectives, while having the support of a coach, your return on your investment is much greater than tidbits. It's life changing.

Being part of a Mastermind group where you experience support, have focused trainings on how to engage employees or reduce turnover, and customized coaching through the challenges is what leads to results. Because you are actively involved in your development, to excel in your own career, to improve your own life's quality and path. The results happen because you are committed, invested, and supported.

Our group will be limited to 6 people to keep it intimate and customized. If this is the type of support you want, fill out this short questionnaire:
Lead Better Now



P.S. Once you complete the questionnaire, I will review and send you a link to my calendar page where we talk about your ideal goals and current situation so I can better understand and you can gain clarity on your next steps and decide if the program fits.