How To Stop Tumble-Weeding Thru 2018 (My Secret Formula)

I don’t want to alarm you.
But we are more than halfway through 2018.

How is your business, your team, your personal and professional goals coming along? Do you feel as inspired as you did when the New Year kicked off? Are you hopeful? Are you seeing or feeling progress? Has there been more ups than downs?

Probably a good time to take stock of those things.

If you have been tumble-weeding a bit, if each day is the same or if it has become a half-hearted attempt to rally the troops, then it’s time to stop doing what you are doing. Try a different approach. A different tactic.

I’ll let you in on a secret formula:

DP-TripleA (AA is where you will find the keys to success)

Destination: Know where you want to end up, where you are going. I always get a good belly laugh out of “We’re lost…but we’re making good time!” It’s so optimistic, but not a clear path nor a long term strategy.

Purpose: why is this important? (‘Start with why’ should definitely be ringing a bell for all of you at this point). Your purpose…how it is in alignment with that why.

Action: Do stuff. Don’t live in theory, wishes, ideals, apathy or inertia. Try. Fail. Try. Succeed. Try. Learn. Complacency is a very convenient and sneaky time suck…be mindful of its boot.

Awareness: THIS. IS. A. BIG. DEAL. Is that massive action producing results? I applaud action…always. Because you will always learn something from action that ultimately gets you closer to results (Thomas Jefferson always said he didn’t fail…he found 10,000 ways a lightbulb does not work). And I further applaud commitment to an action. But, like everything, there must be an awareness to, a sense, to question whether or not it’s working. You must be acutely aware of what your actions are telling you. 

Adjust Approach: Based on what you learned from your actions don’t be afraid to adjust your approach. Most accomplishments are not achieved on the first at bat. You know what I’m going to say…if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. Switch it up!

Let’s run through DP-TripleA

How many of you believe in the importance of communication, especially amongst your team? Pretty big deal, right? We’ve all been on the short end when we feel like we are kept out of the loop…not a fun place to be. 

A tried and true way to allow for the flow of communication is team meetings:

You would like to improve team building (destination). You’re intention (purpose) is to create ways to keep the lines of communication flowing by having meetings (action). If you are not seeing progress based on what was discussed and established at the meeting, consider what is in the way (awareness). If in fact meetings are met with angst or unproductive, change (your approach) to how meetings are held! Is it challenging to get everyone to be present and attentive? Should you consider daily mini-meetings (restaurant folks know these as pre-shifts), where a 15 minute pow-wow can do the trick?
If the purpose is sound, try different approaches to accomplish your goals. (This started out as a way to provide an example…but, if you need to start having way better meetings, click here for my video: 5 Steps to Having Meetings Your Team Doesn’t Hate). 

Don’t get lulled into doing what you’ve always done just because. 

As my friend Pilar always reminds me: Nothing changes if nothing changes.