The Importance of Having the Endurance for Self-Love

The Importance of Having the Endurance for Self-Love

Unraveling the mystery behind work, life, and having the energy for both.

Almost all my clients bring it up as part of their goals in our coaching engagement, "I want to be more present when I'm at home", "I want to have more energy for my family", "I don't want to be perfect at work and then a jerk at home."

In order to inspire others to be at their best, you must be at yours. I believe in this so much it's the first line on my website (more on leadership, stress, and the importance of self-care).

When you're not thriving, life is well...tiresome.
It's hard not to treat the evening at home like an extension of our work day's to do list:
Cook dinner....check
Eat dinner...check
Clean up...check
Give the kid a bath...check
Change the lightbulb...check
Walk the dog...check

The activities we would like to consider precious, sacred even, are lost in the drudgery of task-doing. I mean, how many of you believe that dinner together is a gift? Yet at times, it can be just another chore. We don't want to feel that way, yet at the end of the day, it's tough.

You must slow down and have a transition moment. 
Because we are often around people all day, where we have to be 'on', post-work can become a very selfish time. We feel we have given everything, now it's our turn, and there's nothing left for those at home.
While it's understandable, it's not going to fuel you.

Taking 4 breaths before you walk into your house, or once you've gotten home and undressed, emptied your pockets, and shed the day, can do wonders for the transition to home time.
A few moments of recovery mentally recharges you for a pleasant time ahead. (Read more on the powers of breathing here)

Now, while it seems like we are giving the gift to our family, it is also a gift to ourselves. When we become more present at home, we recharge, we're fueled by our events at night rather than drained by them. That allows us to try again in the morning, to face the day with confidence and a purpose.

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This epic 15 minute morning motivation speech by the wonderful Les Brown, will set up your day perfectly. Listen to it on the way to work, at breakfast, in the shower. Whenever!