Feeling Out of the Loop? Here's How to Reconnect with Your Team

Feeling Out of the Loop? Here's How to Reconnect with Your Team

Setting the tone for the day begins as soon as you walk through the door. What’s your vibe, how do you kick off the morning with your team? Are you rushed, rifling off your expectations for the day? If so, you may be rattling them before they’re halfway through their coffee. There’s a reason for the saying, “You get more bees with honey.” People appreciate being acknowledged as people, some connection through conversation is vital.

This excerpt from Daniel Goleman’s Primal Leadership, explains:

The leader’s mood and behaviors drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else. A cranky and ruthless boss creates a toxic organization filled with negative underachievers who ignore opportunities; an inspirational, inclusive leader spawns [people] for whom any challenge is surmountable.

To be more specific, the leader’s mood is quite literally contagious, spreading quickly and inexorably throughout the business. The final link in the chain is performance: profit or loss.

If you come in and immediately begin working on “your stuff”, you become engrossed in “your stuff”. Over time, the message is clear: you are only concerned with you. People eventually get the hint: you’re busy, better not bother you. They begin looking at you as an outsider, detached from what they do.

Offering, “My door is always open,” is a start, but you are relying on them to initiate the conversation. That can be intimidating. Those should be your parting words once you’ve checked in with them, they know you mean it because your actions tell them.

Let’s get this handled: Walking The Floor

The reason “walking the floor” or “making the rounds” can be challenging is because it feels redundant and unimportant. It can swiftly take a backseat on your list of to do’s. Yet whenever I skipped this part of my day, I always felt like I snuck in and definitely felt guilty.

Why doing this works:
: People are intuitive, we know actions speak louder than words. Since time and effort are required here (resources you cannot get back), people connect with that; they know they matter when those resources are used to check in with them.

Recruit feedback: Pleasantries are important, but it’s also a time to get in tune with how they feel; giving them the opportunity to share what’s working, what’s not. Their chance for involvement is the path to ownership.

Pay attention: Take your own stock of things. How do things look? What’s the vibe? This walk through is a quick and effective way to keep a pulse on what choices they are making.

Consistency is key. If you do this sporadically, that’s what you will get in return. Your team will not buy in to your concern and you will receive short, sometimes curt, replies. Commit to do this everyday and you will begin to get real answers and solve real problems.

You showing up keeps that connective thread very real.