Why It's so Important to Receive Feedback on the Fly Gracefully

Why It's so Important to Receive Feedback on the Fly Gracefully

I often encourage you to give feedback to those you are developing. It's the best way for them to learn, to have a clearer understanding of your expectations and your personal style, and it always paves the way. 

What happens when we are on the receiving end of feedback?
Feedback or constructive criticism is especially tough when it's in the heat of the moment or things are very busy, we tend to react rather than listen. 

Friend or foe: a split second decision
In that hectic moment, that split second, our brain keeps it simple: friend or foe. When someone is offering constructive criticism, our default reaction is foe, because we feel inadequate or that we made a mistake. Our defense mechanisms respond, potentially offending the messenger and worse, we appear unapproachable.

This week's video discover:

  • what exactly to do when you receive feedback (P.S. It's one thing having a meeting scheduled with your boss and you mentally prepare yourself to hear opportunities for improvement. That is much more palatable, this is how to accept feedback on the fly)

  • how you can interrupt your pattern and switch from thinking foe to thinking friend

  • why this poises you as a better leader, someone who listens and respects what is being said, and is secure enough to learn from it