2 Simple Shifts to Master Your Time(& Have More Energy to Do What You Love)

2 Simple Shifts to Master Your Time
(& Have More Energy to Do What You Love)

One of the challenges almost every single one of my clients has to overcome is time management (better yet, attention management). Especially in leadership roles, we can feel like we must be involved in everything all the time. This not only leads to overwhelm, it works against us, sapping our energy and gusto, at the end of the day we feel frustrated rather than accomplished.

Too much of that and the weeks become very hard. 

To be at our best and be able to be at service for the majority of the day, our actions must be very intentional. Have you heard the reminder: “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” It’s true.

In this week's video I teach you how to stay energetic and deliberate about your day, how to leverage your actions to achieve what’s most important, and how to avoid being bombarded by everyone else’s plans, we talk about:

  • Why we go from slaying the day to being the one slain

  • 2 frameworks to follow and implement now so you are the champion of your attention

  • The biggest hurdle that is preventing you from moving forward (hint: once you are aware of this, attention management becomes child’s play)