The Best Gift to Yourself is the Best Gift to Others Too

The Best Gift to Yourself is the Best Gift to Others Too

It’s here! Holidays, end of year, end of quarter, the whole shabang.

For some, it's all a-frenzy, the busiest time for our industry. For others, it’s sweet relief, the only care in the world being where’s the mistletoe and my Lindt chocolates. Watch for the gift they all want.

Have you seen James Corden and Paul McCartney do Carpool Karaoke in London?
It's one of my favorites. Whether you're a Beatles fan or not, a Corden fan or's a touching show of how joyful it can be to share who you are.

My favorite part is when Paul surprises locals at a neighborhood pub. The curtains draw back unexpectedly and he's up there jamming. No one can believe's really him!! Hugs all around as the old timer's light up, o-bla-deeing and o-bla-dahing that life goes on.

Wherever you are spending the next couple weeks this holiday season, whether it's full go at work or a brain vacation until January, take Paul’s advice...Let it be.

Be wherever you are.

Let go of the anxiety of not being somewhere else. Let go of the doubt. Be you, be present, bring your joy.
When Paul’s jamming in that pub, the emotional connection is felt by both rock star and fan. The crowd felt his presence, felt his excitement to be there with them. We even felt it on our own couches.

Their exuberance towards him was their expression of thanks. Joy, gratitude, and appreciation flowed both ways.

The people we spend time with are the ones who really determine if we are truly present or not, not only us saying we are. You can be physically anywhere, and not be there at all. 

Give it a rest this week. Be with those who you are with, let that be your gift. To yourself and to them. You may be surprised it takes a bit of effort at first, but it's what your fans want. They will give back to you if you let them.

You are the rock star.