Why Did You Get Out of Bed Today? Knowing Your Purpose Fuels You.

Why Did You Get Out of Bed Today?
Knowing Your Purpose Fuels You.

It’s a valid question. There must be some reason, something that drove you to rise from the snuggly warm sheets, in the darkness, while the dog snored with content on his own bed at the foot of yours. 

Why did you get out of bed today?

Is it, “Cuz I have to. I have to go make money, pay rent, fill the fridge, and make my friggin’ MasterCard payment on time,”? If so, this will not sustain your motivation. Eventually, no matter how big the paycheck is, you will tire and lose your steam. The pressure of providing wears on all of us.

Money is necessary, wonderful even, and is a good driving force in pulling ourselves from the morning’s horizontal into the day’s vertical. But that type of external motivation is not enough to fuel you day after day. That’s why when you get a pay raise (or hand them out), the excitement wears off after a few direct deposits.

It’s why after months or sometimes years of getting out of bed ‘cuz we have to, we wake up and wonder what’s the point. “Why am I getting out of bed?” we ask, challenging ourselves. We’re looking for something more. Depending on who we are, that question either disappoints us or scares us or shakes us to our senses.

Why did I get out of bed today?

I’ve taken the time to really answer this question for myself, to come off autopilot and get crystal clear. The answer? To help make the world’s workplaces better. To help leaders discover what really matters to the people they lead, and how they can fulfill those needs so people can give themselves fully to the work that is being done. 

I believe the purpose of work is to have an outlet to express our beliefs, to impact what’s important to us. With that comes fulfillment because our time and effort is now purposeful and has meaning to us. Our contribution, our energies, make a difference. The result is pride, joy, and satisfaction. 

That’s what gets me up at 5:30 every morning, in the pitch black night, taking the dog out and enjoying the finale of the stars before they fade into the early morning light. Everything I do the rest of the day supports why I got out of bed. To help leaders make a difference in the lives of the people they lead. I love that.

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why.
— Mark Twain

Why did you get out of bed today? 

Look past the immediate, surface level, easy come–easy go answers. Look deeper. What is bringing you joy? Do you find joy in engaging with your customers, because you believe in the service you provide and they do too? Is it to appreciate the beauty, strength, and capabilities in your team that they themselves don’t see? And by seeing them, acknowledging them, you change the course of their life?

Is it to put kindness first? To lead by example? By holding the elevator door open to help someone out rather than look down and shrug as you see their hopeful face disappear behind the closing doors? When you recognize the struggle that is human, you perhaps provide the first act of kindness that person has received all day.

Is it to create something that no one has seen, heard, or felt yet? Because no one can do what you have come down here to do?

Find the answer to this question. Fuel your soul. Provide purpose and clarity to your work. It lights something inside of you that radiates, drawing others towards you because they feel secure in your conviction. They gravitate to you because of what you believe, and that you express it through your actions and your decisions. 

Find what fuels you and you will draw others that are fueled by you.