When You Can't Muster the Strength...What's a Girl (or Guy) To Do?

First, know this: You are ok. You are not crazy, you are not asking or expecting too much from your team.
Quite the opposite, in fact.

You are crystal clear on what you want, what you expect. What needs to happen.
Yet, when you feel resistance, you are conscious enough to pause and consider that you could be wrong, you could be asking too much, you could be crazy.

But, you’re not. The fact that you check in with yourself is proof that you’re ok. You're just 'feeling it' more than usual today, and that's quite alright.

It can get very frustrating when you feel your team can't get the simplest of tasks. That’s when you begin to wonder…to doubt yourself, your team.

Did someone not get back to you like they agreed to? Called out? Made the same mistake…again?

What do you do when that happens? Sometimes, you don’t feel like doing much. You’re just over it. At least for today.

Guess what…that’s ok. Pick your battles.
You hold the line when you must and give yourself a break when it feels like you should.
Because that is what works for the long haul.

Will there be times when your heart is not in it? 
Yes. You’re human.
But you continue, that period is typically short lived (it’s a whole different ball game when that feeling persists).

What helps?
The people closest to you who get it, who get you. Use them. Share how you feel, vent. They understand, and when you talk about it with them, when you share your disappointment…they lift you up. Because they remind you that you’re not crazy. They love you. And they will gladly help you, they are there for you in this moment of doubt or frustration.



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