Being Effective (& Beating Challenges) By Embracing The F Word

Being Effective (& Beating Challenges) By Embracing The F Word



Leadership is not for the faint of heart. I say it over and over to my clients. Because it is exhausting at times.

Most leaders all do the same: they throw themselves 150% into their work. They thrive on that level of dedication. They live and breathe the work they do and love being involved with the people around them. As much as it takes its toll…it also fuels them. They are able to tap into their fortitude.

A Story of Fortitude: Smoker turned runner turned marathoner…

Fortitude is the ability to continue taking action forward...even when you can't see the finish line continue doing regardless of difficulty or pain, going forward, showing up.

Those on your team who can do that, who are able to handle whatever comes their way, whatever absurdities a client may throw at them, whatever wrench shows up in the system, they take it in stride…those are your generals. Those are your future leaders. 

If they have that special gift of fortitude, they are relatively easy to spot.
They have a high level of integrity. 
They do not get ruffled easily.
They are incredibly dedicated.
They can even see the big picture.
They dig you out when you need help.
They provide you relief when they walk through the door.
They will be there at the end of the day when everyone else is looking to punch out.
They thrive on what’s going on, they thrive on the challenges, and they thrive on being part of the solution.

Work closely with these folks. Keep your eye on them.

They will not be aware yet of the cost of their gift of fortitude. It can be a difficult path, not for the faint of heart, but as you know…the rewards are beyond fulfilling.

Who on your team has that kind of fortitude?