Being Relentless In Who You Are...Is Exactly What Makes You Who You Are

What makes you, your business, your company unique? What sets you apart from your competition and creates your raving fans?

Is it framed on the wall and on the 'About Us' tab on your website? That's a start...but more importantly: Do you have systems and accountabilities in place? To ensure that your uniqueness happens in the day to day?  That's the level of commitment model what you have determined 'it' is...what makes you who you are.

In this week's video, I talk about how Time International figured this out. When you think of Time, you may think their mission is to build a spectacular timepiece. That, while true, is not what has built raving's not what makes Matthew Mendelsohn and his team proud (Matthew left Time at the end of 2017). Their non-negotiable, their why, their mission? "To make special people feel extraordinary." 

There is nothing mentioned about the product. Only the feeling. The feeling that washes over when you look at your Time watch, it is triggered it every time you look at your wrist...and that is by design.

How do they get the team to cultivate this next level? Time has committed themselves to this mission, they are dedicated to who they are:

  • Most sales performances are based on numbers...Time has another "Human Element" that their team members are expected to be great at (and are held responsible for in a few different ways).
  • How shifting this mindset from selling (transaction) to creating an experience (mindset) makes the difference in who they are. 
  • How giving the power back to the team members puts the responsibility in their people's hands.

If your desire is to have a self-sufficient team, who do their own thinking, solve their own problems, then you must give them the reigns and the guidelines. Time knows this. This entrepreneurial mindset shift creates ownership and responsibility for the employee, they are invested in making this happen because it is allows them to be who they are.

Who has the power in your organization? Is it shared amongst those who need it most? Can you be relentless?