When Fear Has You Stuck...This 3 Word Reframe Changes Everything

Have you ever noticed yourself avoiding doing that thing you need to do? That follow up email, the phone call to that prospect, the meeting agenda, the guts of your presentation? Rather than doing any of those things you find yourself filling in the gaps with other minutiae, a subtle but effective technique of avoidance.

A lot of that hesitation is a mental game. A game of being afraid to do the action that would move you forward best, mostly because you’re uncertain of how to start. It's not only that you want it to be great, but you are as nervous as you are excited. This paradox slowly lulls us into being stuck.

This is my surefire approach whenever I feel stuck and sense that I'm avoiding something. Rather than overthinking and 2nd guessing...it's clears the path for me to take action and move forward.

 Here’s how I feel when I reframe…

Here’s how I feel when I reframe…

Why this works:

  • Takes the pressure off of you

  • Is in complete alignment with who you are so it comes naturally

  • Mental toughness plays a big role...this will make you feel super tough and gets you to action!