Why You Haven't Cracked the Code on Work Life Balance (This will help!)

Randi Zuckerberg, yes that Mark's sister (who knew?) is launching her book "Pick Three", and I have to tell you...it provided an amazing perspective shift for me on the chase of Work/Life balance and Achievement. Truth be told, I have been feeling myself slip more and more into the belief of work-life integration (the lines really are blurred...but that is what is actually helping!). The phrase work/life balance implies almost counterparts, where work/life integration has a seamlessness to it. It's not one or the other, when I'm doing my work, many times it is also what I would choose to be learning or doing anyway (I'm lucky in that regard). 

Check out the video below:

  • learn the 5 buckets Randi distills our life's activities into
  • understand the perspective shift that will help you be successful
  • get a breakdown of what our week's look like, and then reality of how much time we have left
  • leverage that time and make choices that you feel good about