Why Top Performers Fail at Transitioning to Leadership (& How to Help)

"Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom." - Boyle Roche

I've had my fair share of disappointment, some much worse than others. When I go to the freezer to attack the Moose Tracks ice cream only to be left with a blank spot where it should be and an empty container in the trash: mild to medium level of disappointment, depends on the day.

Taking the top sales performer, the one who has cracked the code, is the best at what s/he does, give them the opportunity to lead others...to share their greatness, to make one hell of an impact...to be sales manager. Then, to have that top performer not perform in the area of leadership? This would be the more confused, higher end of the disappointment scale.

How could I have misjudged them as a leader? How could this not work? 

But yet we often here these heartbreaking stories of top performers not capable of transitioning into great leaders. And it breaks everyone's hearts. The former performer misses his glory days, the boss misses the talented performer having the confidence he once did, now he's struggling and she doesn't know why. Not only that, his team is affected and to top it all off...sales are terrible because the top performer isn't pulling those numbers in anymore either.

Wow...how on earth did we allow this to happen? What did we miss? There must be something...there is no way someone who naturally excelled all this time, would now be rendered ineffective in a leadership role.

And there is where the truth is. We are so convinced that the top performer will continue being great that it blinds us to set them up for success in this transition. Because that's what it is folks, it's a transition. Our mistake is we don't honor this transition. The new leader has to come in with a beginner's mind, seeing their job and responsibilities through a new lens. Since this is a shift in consciousness, it needs to be validated and assisted. You, as the leader, are the only one in the position to help this along. You are key to success here. 

In the video, we dive into:

  • before you do anything...make plans, offers...you MUST DO THIS 1ST!

  • key pieces in the mindset shift needed from performer to leader

  • how to understand the gap in leadership skills and how to bridge that

  • my personal favorite...the benefit of the benefit