Motivating Becoming A Chore? Start Doing These 3 Steps Instead

We all want to motivate our teams, it shows that we care, that we appreciate the effort, and that we're pretty cool to work for too.

The problem begins when motivating the team turns into the stress of: What can I give them to get them to do what I need? 

All of a sudden, motivating becomes way less fun. You begin to feel like you are on this constant hamster wheel of figuring out how to bribe (ahem...motivate) your team into action.

This week's video we uncover:

  • Why 'gifts', while appreciated, produce short term results
  • How to let inspiration fuel motivation
  • The 3 A's of inspiring your team so they are doing the work because they WANT TO! (Yes, this can happen for your team too!!)


Want to dive in further on this process? Tomorrow, Friday, join me at my Facebook Live event to learn more!