How to Rise to the Top & Not Jeopardize It

I read recently that when you let go and make space, the Universe will bring you something better. Makes sense. And honestly, this is in regards to your mind, your heart, your office, and your employee break room. If all of the above are so cluttered, that means nothing else can fit! It also means you have to work a bit at letting go, AND (I’m not done)…work at being on the lookout for what’s trying to come your way! If you are not EXPECTING good things, then you will surely miss the opportunity to welcome them.

“If you can believe it, you can see it”
— Wayne Dyer

Create space, in all your worlds, as soon and as much as possible. Don’t wait for the special visitor or occasion to get that right. The most important visitor is waiting for you to take notice, but if you are bogged down, you will miss out. The world is very loud, opportunity speaks very softly, be prepared to listen. In last week's Leadership Bites, we talked about relinquishing control, this is a step to get you there. 

For those of you that think the clutter ‘makes sense’ and you ‘know exactly where everything is’ I truly believe you (I'm actually cut from the same cloth). But, I also know, we are fooling ourselves…it works, but it’s harder than necessary and ultimately becomes a hinderance.

Does this sound familiar?


You are fooling yourself that it takes LESS energy to continue than to try and change.

You’d rather shrug off your bad habits and expect everyone else to comply. “Well, that’s just me, something you’ll have to get used to”…“How can I NOT worry with what's at stake here?” (worry = mental clutter) or “No one cares what it looks like…no one sees it but us”. We try to convince ourselves that we are so good in other areas that it is ok for us TO EXPECT people let stuff slide. Besides, if not, you’ve paid your dues, you are not changing…this is you. That comes with being the boss, being in charge…people adjust to you, not the other way around.

That will work and it will actually get you decently far. Far enough UNTIL you begin to value your habits over big picture success and process. If you are looking to lead employees or a team, I promise you will cap yourself at this point. The most successful leaders are people who are 10’s in every area, including self-awareness and willingness to change. Don’t get me confused with asking you to change your very essence, who you are, or what you value. I’m asking you to recognize when you feel yourself digging your heels in to consider: What are you afraid of to do within yourself? Why let this hold you back? Because in the long game it will.


I absolutely applaud the whole #youdoyou movement, but like anything else, taking it to the extreme and not wanting to improve a few areas will be more tiresome than it’s worth. And that’s what all of this is about, isn’t it? I help you figure out ways to save you from being tired, I help you find ways to maximize your potential, to leverage your energy. Little by little, the tweaks we can make in our life, add up to big, big payoffs. This is all about the art of the long game, the strategy of the sprints, and the endurance of a champion, to release the potential of you.

What little change can you make that will be slightly challenging for you, but incredibly pleasant for others? And ultimately...a contribution to yourself, those around you, and the big picture.

Go do that.