Impatient About Making Your Impact? (Start With This First.)

Are you antsy?

Want to be doing more, making a bigger impact, but feel like you don’t have the opportunity to show your stuff? Or, you just want to get there faster because you know you can handle it?

I’m going to share something with you…

The people that make an impact, who continuously climb the ladder, who leave their mark…do you know how they do it?

It’s not by focusing on what you are being kept from doing. It’s by doing what you are needed to do, better than anyone thought it could be done.

It’s not by talking about what you would do if they let you. It’s about recognizing where you can provide input, and taking the initiative to problem solve it all the way through.

It’s not by being impatient to have that next job because you know you’d do it well, and darnit, they should recognize a good catch when they have one. It’s by serving your leader (yes, your boss), providing results, and understanding their perspective on what is needed for the company and team to excel. 

It’s done by keeping your promise.

Impatient About Making Your Impact? Start With This First.

It's by upholding the terms of your handshake and amazingly doing the job you were hired to do, day in and day out. Because we want to see that side of you first. The committed side. The side that understands that the everyday game, the one you are playing right now, is just as important as the long game. Show us that, clearly and boldly. 

No matter what rung of the ladder you are on.

If you care and value the company, your contribution to it, then continue approaching your job with undaunted, relentless energy and optimism. This will eliminate any doubt that your commitment and dedication to your current role, team, and company come with strings attached. When you over-deliver on your handshake, because it has your name on it, then the tone is set that you will always do your best. 

That’s your difference.

See, trust is the bridge to opportunity. 

Trust can be established pretty quickly if you both know what is important and then uphold those values, together, without question, with upmost integrity. Alignment of values is a sure-fire way to build a cohesive relationship, you both care deeply about upholding the value, that passion goes way beyond a position and a paycheck. You  know each of you gets it.

Understand your boss’ pain points and look to fix those. 

Start seeing things from the perspective of the chair you want to be sitting in. Talk about making yourself an asset! That shift by itself can open your eyes to things you were oblivious to! You will find once you concern yourself with the bigger picture, that selfless vision of doing what’s right, no matter the reward, well that’s when things just happen to fall into place.

This is also where you can begin impacting your future by being prepared. Learn what skillset is needed to get you to that next level and start finding ways you can narrow that gap. This does a few things for you:

  • prepares you for when the time comes (think of boxers who are able to take fights at short notice, you want to be ready!)

  • keeps your mind sharp, intrigued, and interested

  • will lead to you being considered an authority within your organization

And you’re right, there are times when an organization or superior may not recognize your skills, talents, and contributions…(learn more about Rites of Passage here) and you reach the point of having learned what you could, grown as much as possible, and you can begin to have that conversation with yourself of whether it’s time to contemplate next steps. But you will do so with the peace of mind that you always offered your best, you always came from a place of wanting to satisfy the same vision and mission you shook on that day.

If that’s your approach, I guarantee you…your mark will be left and your climb will be continuous.

Go do that.