If You Can Do This, You Can Beat Life at Its Own Game

It’s not as easy as you’d think, this business of doing, of taking the action that I’m always encouraging and expecting of you. You have your eyes set on the prize, you know what success looks like and you can picture yourself perfectly living it. You are excited, motivated, and the wind is swooping through your hair like Leo’s scene in Titanic.

What's the catch? It gets hard. It gets challenging, scary, and uncertain. 

Life is funny that way, it sits back, allows you to get a little bit comfortable as you enter it’s game arena, and you think “This stuff is working!”, “I got this!” Life let’s you get all excited, with a Cheshire-cat-like grin on it’s face…sitting back, preparing to toy with us in a bit. Because what often happens? Something that was promised to work—doesn't, someone who has your back—didn't, or mother nature just rained on your parade. 

That’s life. (Now, you can either read that with a sad, defeated, voice in your head…or, with a non-judgmental slightly upbeat shrug off because…yup, that’s life).

The sooner you realize to relinquish your attempt at controlling life, the better. And if you are out there trying, out there taking action, you will build that muscle of letting go. You will begin to see opportunity after the fall, and you will stay focused on what you want when life plays its games. There absolutely will be disappointment, heartache, and even despair. I hate even admitting that because it scares me. But, you have the rock solid belief that you can create a second or third chance, take another go, work an angle, and pick yourself up…Why? Because you have to, because no one else will, because you know you can. That’s Life. And yours depends on YOU.

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.”
— Robert H. Schuller

How do you find the courage to continue? Well, there’s something speaking to you from the inside, it’s helped you get this far! That’s the spark still there after the storm. Are you able to only listen to that voice? Are you able to ignore the voices that point out your struggles? People (yes, sometimes even your loved ones) love to see you suffer in pursuit of your dream, they will be cat-calling you “Well, shoulda stayed with what you were doing”, or some other cheap-seat remark comes across. (Don't be fooled, life gets the people in the cheap seats and on the sidelines...this is not a spectator sport!) Stay focused on what’s important to you, it's what gives you the drive to keep going, it provides you resolve. 

Almost everything I encourage people to do, stems from them improving and leveraging this ability:

You must be able to recognize and become aware of your own thoughts, patterns, choices, decisions, actions, and beliefs. 

This is so you can interrupt your brain patterns when needed, and follow them when sure, but you MUST be aware of this small window when it presents itself. We have been CONDITIONED to want security, to mitigate risk, to enjoy a Luke-warm bath of life. We are not only conditioned but this is expected! Because after a certain time, it’s no longer about you. It’s no longer about your dreams, because you had your time. Remember? It was that window in your twenties, and now it’s time you pay your penance to life. Your focus is on everyone else BUT you: your spouse, your kids, your boss, your employees, your bills, your folks, your causes…they all have expectations of you and your behavior. Wouldn’t it be fun to be the person that when spoken of…your name comes with a hint of wonder? You choose differently. "Hmmm-mmmm-hmmmm" they’ll say, "how do they do it?"

You will never be you again on this planet. This is the only time, I, Karyn Danielle *formerly Baglini now Chylewski* will ever do this. No matter what your belief is once we leave this Earth, we will not be back here as the same person, ever.

Don’t you want to do yourself proud? Don’t you want to make some sh$t stick? I know I do.

Go lead. Go do. We're waiting for you. So is Life.

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