One Simple Mind Trick to Outsmart Your Mental Winters

I love seasons, and I am probably one of the few that will attest that Southern California actually has seasons. We of course experience seasons in our lives as well, no matter our geography, they are the passing of time not only for mother nature, but for her human inhabitants as well. Spring is considered new beginnings, summer brings about its nostalgic bliss and being carefree, fall is when we get to harvest what we have worked so hard planting and cultivating, and winter…well, winter has its own glory in providing a sense of stillness, but my goodness…it’s a tough season too, and can get to all of us. For hundreds of years, winter has maintained its sense of dread: Be prepared, scarcity is coming. 

Winter can show up at almost any time.

How do you prepare for an early, surprise, or especially long winter? This year I learned a trick that made sense and was worth trying. I learned how to Reframe. Most of my life, whenever I found myself facing a challenging decision or situation (one where I would experience growth), I would tend to focus on one thing: That the only possible outcome would be negative and/or painful. By focusing all my thought here, then, that’s all I would feel. And because I couldn’t bring myself to act, that fear kept me right where fear wanted me…protected, secure, but stagnant and trapped. What’s worse, it almost always showed back up again down the road, because if there is fear to conquer, it will inevitably resurface. This year, I Reframed…and begin thinking in terms of what good could happen. And really allow yourself to let that answer to weigh in. Feel what it would be like if the good outcome happened. Often times when we find ourselves in winter, we get lost in fear and scarcity. We lose our power and strength of choice. But take a minute to reframe, especially if this particular internal debate has come up before. 

The point of reframing is to get yourself to a mental state that allows for possibility when considering your situation. These questions are for you to use when you feel trapped, when you feel like your perspective is narrow (eventually, you can ask them daily):

What am I happy about with this? If you spit out “Nothing!”, it’s because that’s an easy (albeit mighty) response. But keep going, add the word ‘could’ to allow for possibility. 


~ What could I be happy about? And persist with these questions: 

~ What am I proud of? (What could I be proud of?) 

~ What am I excited about? (What could I be excited about?) 

This simple reframing, opens a whole new mindset of being excited to take action, that energy surges you past being scared stiff. You begin to realize, that there is just as good a chance for excellence to prevail because you’ve allowed for possibility and the potential for growth. And that step alone, guarantees a positive impact on your soul. I promise you, you will come out wondering why you were so worried in the first place.

It will not only help you shorten winters, it will bring a bit of summer bliss to your soul.


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