Seeking Clarity? Do Something!

Seeking Clarity? Do Something!

A ship in the harbor is safe…but that’s not what ships were built for.
— - John Shedd

It’s your gift, you were born to do it. It’s in your DNA, it’s instinctual, it drives you even when you don't know it does. The tricky part is to know when it’s time to stop polishing the pieces and when it’s time to shove off. Clarity comes from action. The only way you are going to know if all your prepping, polishing, and practice are worth their salt is if you boldly (and sometimes somewhat blindly) put yourself out there and go for it. Game day has to arrive.

I remember when I had just graduated college, I had grown up in Rhode Island (back in the painful days of Drew Bledsoe for those who remember the Patriots before their legacy began); it dawned on me that I had never been west of New York. Passing on the job offer I received right after graduation (*gasp*), I opened a map, looked west, thought Colorado sounded adventurous and loaded up my Volkswagen Jetta. My folks thought I was nuts, although I'm sure they weren't surprised that I was veering off the obvious path.

They of course supported me, made sure I had Triple A, a briefcase of a cell phone that was not very international spy feeling, and off I went. It was a beautiful sunny day...look out wild wild west, here I come! I made it to Connecticut before my Jetta broke down. Hmmmm...were the adventure gods trying to tell me something? Maybe, but boy, can I tell you, in those first 45 minutes I was liberated and thrilled! Bring it on world, there was no stopping me as far as I was concerned. I was even excited calling for help, I don't remember even a sliver of doubt entering my mind. And after a day’s delay, I was off again…much to the chagrin of my folks. But the rush I had felt the day before could not be contained; and now I really had clarity, there was no way I was not hitting the road (I ended up meeting my husband once I settled in little Breckenridge, CO. Action led to the life I have now). 

Anything you find out after you shove off is data, if it’s not what you wanted to learn, don’t give it any more energy than to think of it as useful information. Because of your action, you now have new knowledge, and if it points you in a slightly different direction…well, at least now you can go full steam ahead. Any delays, storms, setbacks, or whatever else we want to label them, all narrow the field and streamline the energy into your ultimate success.

If you truly believe the journey is as important as the destination, then learn what you can from the process, and continue to drive forward. Action leads to data leads to clarity. That is one hamster wheel where the view will never get old.