give Responsibility...receive leadership

there you have it. 
my secret sauce to becoming a beloved leader.

One who creates
successful, self-Sufficient teams that Rock it Out Together.



                The adorable yellow lab is Ruger

I’m Karyn Danielle Chylewski...

I coach and train business leaders on how to orchestrate a cohesive, self-sufficient team so your business can be successful and profitable...and get there by creating a team of everyday leaders. 

Saying that couldn't make me more proud, I thrive on people becoming their best selves. And guess what, you cannot be everywhere doing everything all the time. I know that makes you nervous, but we'll address that :)

If you feel it's time...then let's see what has brought you here.


Been here lately?

  • You have high standards combined with high expectations and a passion for success...but your plate is full.  You need leaders you can trust and to contribute their gifts.

  • You love your work. You believe in the experience you and your team provide, you look to excel in the current everyday all while innovating to stay ahead of the curve: You need your team focused and collaborating.

  • You wake up each day excited to contribute, to creating an exciting future, to be able to ‘go do’. Somehow, the day slips by and your not sure where it went: You need to leverage your time.

What gets us stuck in the mud?

Well, you have a lot of cogs in the wheel, one of those cogs is other humans.

Leadership is powerful. It is not handed over, established with a title, or walked is learned and earned. Sometimes, we find ourself in a leadership position by surprise, or in an elevated rung on the ladder with more responsibility than ever before, and we realize that it's time to improve ourselves to continue being successful.

This is not a time to wave the white flag declaring surrender! Quite the contrary! Realizing it's time to up our game is the kind of self-awareness needed to create further and new opportunities for yourself, your business, and your team. Marshall Goldsmith wrote a career-altering book "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There" (The title alone: so powerful! I highly recommend this book.)

The amazing bonus here? By working together and improving your leadership will tap into those 6 wins of leadership coaching, impacting you x 10:  your employees, peers, family & friends, and even the world we share.


Her authenticity and down to earth sensibility was a match for me and how I like to be coached.”
— Greg M., Canada


Leading groups of humans successfully is not for the faint of heart. We are a predictable yet unpredictable breed, we trust but not at first (especially in a workplace), we try to poke holes before we accept and embrace. How is a leader to know what makes each one of his/her team tick since leadership is not a one size fits all solution?


I had been leading passionate yet disconnected teams into becoming successful, lovable, strong tribes of leaders for the past two decades. My true enjoyment came when an seemingly not-so-confident employee found the ability to discover their greatness, to be confident in their own leadership. Putting them in situations that elicited their leadership skills began building that confidence.

I love seeing people get to be their best selves. 

One day, early December 2015, I was trolling around our new corporate offices (I just went through the wonders of the corporate acquisition process...quite lovely indeed) when I overheard my two big bosses speaking in one of the conference rooms. Being a few weeks before Christmas, what I happen to hear (thank you Universe) stopped me dead in my tracks [all names have been changed to protect those of the innocent ;)]

My Big Boss (two rungs up the ladder): "Well, you had better celebrate Christmas with your family this weekend, it's going to be way too busy to do so the actual week of Christmas."
My Direct Boss (the rung up from path):  Stunned silence (I still think I heard a small whimper, but I'm not 100% certain).

I froze as I felt a surge of energy jolt right through me. There it was. An indirect ultimatum, not spoken to me…yet.

   Karyn OUT!

Karyn OUT!

As the words hit home, I experienced that moment in time when you know things will no longer be able to continue as is. I began to get really strategic on my exit. 

It took a full 18 months before I was comfortable to take that leap, and by then...the day couldn't arrive soon enough.

I needed to develop my own inner-warrior.
To trust myself. To take the Leap.

You ready?