What Would Help You Work Better Together?


to delegate

Learn what is TRULY important
when we share responsibility to
create a self-sufficient team

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lead with understanding

What to do when challenges in someone’s life affects your work. (No one escapes these!)

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Become a better leader

Create teams that want to go into battle with you. Learn the hallmarks of a great leader!

6 Results of Leadership Coaching

1. Build Self-Awareness and Confidence: 
It all starts here. Get to know who you are and become comfortable with your internal power.

2. Better Performance: When worry gives way to certainty people feel safe, collaboration can begin. Now, you will hear their ideas, thoughts, and gifts.

3. Polish Essential Skills: Through self-awareness you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, which leads to more productivity as you understand, improve, and delegate.

4. Improved Emotional Intelligence*: Leadership is dependent on the ability to build trust and relationships. That truly is the bottom line.

5. Impact and Purpose: A workplace where people can be their best selves leads to fulfillment. At home they are better husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, citizens and neighbors. That’s social impact!

6. The Bottom Line: Because you are taking care of your people, you are tapping into your biggest resource. It's the benefits of the benefits:

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 Lovely, isn't it?

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Through working with Karyn, I’ve learned that having a great team comes from leadership within.

Misty M.



Leadership is a skill that can be developed.

I believe everyone has a right to work where they can thrive. That's why my logo is a bear...to me, it's all about providing Mama Bear and Papa Bear leadership in your business. The right amount of love mixed with the right amount of gruff.

I also believe that you are serious about being a strong leader. You can feel the weight of the responsibility: Leadership is not for the faint of heart. I'm grateful you have decided to rise to the challenge. And I'm looking forward to the exciting road ahead!

Let's create your legacy.


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