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If you rely on other people and are responsible for their ability to execute, you my friend, are a leader.


Even Warriors have worries...

So there you are, another night staring at the ceiling, wondering if you handled the conflict between two members of your team as well as you could have...was it fair? Did they both feel heard? Are they going to be able to bury the hatchet and work well together going forward???

Did I handle it appropriately??? The thought keeps repeating itself.

You are the leader, you are expected to know how to handle and do everything.
That's a lot on one's shoulders.

How can you expect people to follow you if you don’t look like you know what you are doing??? How can you expect them to trust your decisions if they aren’t convinced?

You may not know it all…YET. And that is a big yet. Because when you have warrior-spirit, you know you can master anything. All that's needed is time and effort...and someone in your corner, someone helping you dig deep within, helping you face your inner challenges and create new ideas surrounding possibility. You begin to move forward confidently as  you become armed with the right tools and skill set. Leading a team is not for the faint of heart, it is a never-ending role of responsibility...there is never a point where you can say: “There, finished.”

  My inspiration (love to you Uma!)

My inspiration (love to you Uma!)

Warriors are known for being brave, hands down. I don't consider myself brave...I think that's why I'm so enamored by them. I also like to think of what else makes them so majestic, so honorable, what draws me in. It's that through their brave leadership, it's just as important that they protect the people they're responsible for, the ones taking up the charge with them, every step of the way. They do this by staying true to their heart, to what purely matters, by inspiring what was thought could never be, and never allowing anything to sway or keep them from accomplishing their mission.

Leading with a warrior-spirit in mind helps me find the courage to try to do the same in my own life.

path to success: 6 Results of Leadership Coaching



1. Stand Tall & HAVE CHARISMA:  People gravitate towards leaders...we love to watch them work and be in their company. It's because they are so true and sure in knowing who they are and why they do what they do. Build Your Confidence. You know that little imposter voice in the back of your head, the one that says: ”Ummmm…are you sure you should do it like that?” Learn how to quiet that voice and trust yourself. To stay true to what you know for sure. Know what it's like to feel unshakeable in your decisions. You stop worrying if you are right and focus more on acting on what you know is best right now given the current reality of the situation.


2. Reduce Stress = Mental Advantage = Better Performance by Everyone: As you become more confident in your leadership skills and decisions, that voice, the butterflies...the anxiety, calms down. All the energy you were expending is now FREED! You now can look towards the vision and bigger responsibilities and not get caught up in the everyday. You begin to make significant progress...and nothing motivates people like seeing progress from their efforts!


3. Sharpen Your Skill Set:  Everyone has obstacles, everyone has strengths to double down on. Your best bet is to be aware of both, polish what you can and hire for what you cannot. But, there are a few key skills that great leaders excel at: i.e. handling personality conflicts, giving feedback & feedforward, being decisive, inspiring people, influencing people, developing them, being the common thread within the whole, and enriching lives through the work you all do. Learn these essential leadership skills and you begin to create your will influence and empower people that much.


4. Personal Victories in Your Own Life:  Show up better in all areas of your life. By building off benefits 1-3, you have more energy overall, and that flows over into your personal life. You begin to find time to do things you like which gives you more joy, appreciation, and gratitude for your life (which re-energizes you for your leadership responsibilities come Monday).
And since people are people, the skills you learn through leadership coaching spill over when you are not on the clock. You begin to have a deeper understanding of the people who are closest to you and drastically improve your relationships with those who matter most.


5. Huge Social Impact and Provide Purpose: Ok, soapbox time for just a sec...I believe in small increments, the way the water smooths the jagged rocks wave by wave, drop by drop. If within your business's four walls (virtual walls included), you can create a workplace where people know they can be their best selves, where their thoughts and contributions matter, where conflicts are spirited and respected debates, where the work put forth means something…you have greatly impacted their life. They begin to feel really good about themselves. So good, that it begins to spill over. When they go home at night, they are better husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, citizens and neighbors. They embrace kindness, love, simplicity, and have a sense of accomplishment. When they interact with others on the street, they have a light in their eye, a bounce in their step, or a swing in their hips. You helped elicit that! Think of how that snowballs with all the people they touch…that’s social impact!  You helped create what we all want: FULFILLMENT IN THIS LIFE.

6. The Bottom Line...Literally: Oh, yes if you’re curious, this all contributes to a better bottom line. You're no longer spinning your wheels and you begin to reap the benefits: Higher team retention, client retention, client satisfaction, employee engagement, agility, innovation, longevity, disruption. This is what I refer to as the benefits of the benefits: these results continuously builds off one another so you accomplish bigger goals, scale your business, have more impact, reach your dreams...creating YOUR LEGACY. Lovely, isn't it?

Through working with Karyn, I’ve learned that having a great team comes from leadership within.
— Misty M. (Tustin, CA)


Leadership is a skill that can be developed.

The only way I have found to get through this crazy world is tapping into my warrior-spirit!! That's what I want to pull from you...YOU are a WARRIOR! You are destined to lead men, women, millennials, gen-x'ers, gen-y's, and your business to greatness!!

I want to help you get there. To feel the rush of excitement when you have the victories you are meant to have. TO KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE WHEN THINGS ARE WORKING! All while enhancing the lives of the people you are on this adventure with. The ones in the trenches with you, day in and day out.

That's my biggest hope to accomplish through leadership coaching with you.

Let's create your legacy.